Hi, I’m Kara of Inner Alchemy.

My approach to astrology is one of self-realization and healing. I believe we are all capable of healing from within, of alchemizing the energies inside of us to transform, but sometimes we need a catalyst in the form of a teacher, an astrologer or a diviner. We can use astrology, divination and spiritual practise to understand ourselves more fully, and that’s what I would like to help you with.

My full name is Kara Eckler. I’m a Libra Sun with a Taurus Moon and Leo rising, with a heavy dose of Scorpio in a stellium. I’m an astrologer, artist, mystic, and diviner. You can see my mystical artwork here. I’ve been studying astrology for over 20 years. I’ve always been fascinated with how accurately astrology can give us insight into our natures, from our basic personality traits to our deep and painful wounds and early life patterns.

My areas of expertise are psychological natal chart readings, relationship charts (synastry chart overlays and composite) and your transits, the relationship between where the stars are now and where they are in your birth chart, and how they can give us intimations about our futures.

Leaving behind my childhood Christian upbringing, I had a spiritual awakening while I was still a teenager. I was part of a Wiccan tradition in my youth, and began investigating astrology, Tarot, astral journeying, and more. I was a devoted Tantric practitioner for several years with my teacher, with whom I also studied meditation and energy work. After much experimentation, study, and soul searching, I consider myself now to be simply a mystic, and also a witch. I relate strongly to the work of Jung and I’m passionate about dream interpretation. I also have a regular mediation and energy work practice, and I do kundalini yoga. I believe we can all access the Divine within by following our hearts and purifying ourselves. This is the inner alchemy.

One of my undergraduate degrees is in Creative Writing, and my professional experience as a writer and my studies in psychology also inform and enhances my intuitive, knowledge-based written readings.