Pisces Moon Conjunct Neptune

The Moon is in Pisces today, a mutable water sign, which means it is the aspect of water that is most in tune with its liquid nature, malleable, flexible, and adaptable, but also slippery and elusive. The Pisces Moon is form a conjunction with its co-ruler Neptune which will be exact tomorrow. This is the most beneficial part of this weekend’s intense astrological weather. Use this dreamy, nebulous energy to tap into your intuitive side or to act with compassion towards yourself and others.

The Moon is also moving in to square the fateful nodes of the Moon, which are located along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis right now. This will add some tension to the emotional lives of the collective, and probably throw up a lot of subconscious matter in form of acting out from our shadows. We may feel inclined to follow our whims and speak from emotional reaction instead of our larger wisdom this weekend. 

The card I pulled for this weekend’s energy reading is the Devil. While this is an intimidating card for many, it is one of my favourites. It reminds us to tend to our shadow, the part of us that we reject, deny, and abandon, before it wrecks havoc in our lives. Pisces is the sign of the unconscious, and many shadows lurk there. By doing our inner work and facing our demons, we empower ourselves. I have a shadow work through the signs Youtube series, you can see it via a link on my website. So far I’ve done Libra, Aries and Scorpio with Taurus and the rest of the signs coming next.

Moon’s Ingress into Aquarius

Today the New Moon moved out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Both are signs ruled by Saturn, and we can feel strong Saturn themes throughout the day today, and, indeed, we have been feeling this for some time and will for some time to come as the slower moving planets transit this area of the zodiac. New Moon energy is still available for manifestation and setting intentions. To best be in alignment with these Saturnian energies that are available to us we can do things like take care of things we have been putting off or take real action towards starting that new project. Saturn in Aquarius reminds is to think of the needs of our communities and the groups we are a part of. 

Today turbulent emotions are held in check by the detached tendencies of the Moon in Aquarius as well as its conjunction to Saturn in the same sign. Many will feel the need to burst forth rashly despite this as the Moon, which rules our emotions and our subconscious, joins Saturn’s square to bullish Mars in Taurus which is already conjunct rebellious Uranus in its fall.  The Moon will also move to join Jupiter in a conjunction in Aquarius later today, which can help to ease tensions and keep people mindful of the greater good. The Moon will be forming a friendly sextile to Chiron, and chirotic contacts are never painless. The contact of the Moon to Chiron, the wounded healer, draws out collective trauma around selfhood and (dis)empowerment that the energies of today touch on.  Let us hope that this trauma that is brought out brings an opportunity for healing via this sextile as when poison is drawn from a wound.

The Moon, very busy today, is also approaching a conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius, indicating that many of us will feel compelled to speak on injustices from a place of righteousness. These themes will be active on the collective level quite strongly as Aquarius is the sign that rules groups and the collective and there is a stellium of planets here. But those with a lot of Aquarius, Taurus, Leos, or Scorpio in their chart will also be highly influenced. 

For today’s energy reading I drew the Temperance card reversed. Inverted cards often show an inward type of energy, and this card reminds us of the crucial importance of moderation. With the dramatic forces at work in the world both in the energetic and physical realms, we would be wise to moderate our words, thoughts, and actions by harmonizing ourselves within.

New Moon in Capricorn

Today is the New Moon in Capricorn, meaning the Sun and Moon are in close alignment, or conjunct in this earth sign. Capricorn season in the northern hemisphere stretches from the winter solstice until the chilly depths of January, when we truly feel the deepening of the blanket of snow, and when Saturn’s rulership of this sign can turn many of us melancholy from lack of sunlight and the thought of the long winter ahead. This New Moon is in close proximity to Pluto, forming a conjunction that reminds us of the lessons of this cold, distant, dwarf planet. Pluto, as the Roman god of the underworld, rules crisis, transformation, and death, so the energy of this lunation can feel somewhat fraught and intense. New Moons are a time to commence projects and set intentions for manifestation.  What you initiate under this moon would be blessed by the ability of Pluto to help you tear down what is outworn to build anew. The strong emphasis on earth and air energies right now are conducive to brainstorming, and then taking action. The Moon receives a supportive Sextile from Neptune in Pisces which will get your creative juices flowing.

The 9 of Cups is a card of self-confidence and emotional satisfaction. It reminds us of the deep pride in ourselves that we take when we take steps towards furthering our goals and dreams.