Samhain Reflections

Feeling a bit emotional today isn’t surprising as the veil thins with darkness overtaking the light. The Full Moon in Taurus is a Blue Moon, the second of the year, and the Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet which rules inspiration, shocking news, surprises, accidents, but also kundalini energy and it is known as the Great Awakener. May these energies bring to all beings the awakening you need. May you be assisted by your well and light ancestors and your spirit guides.

I’ve not been back to practising witchcraft for long. In 2016 I had my own awakening that led me back to it. I had been focusing on Tantra and meditation for years before that. But in my late teens and early 20s I was a witch. I think I must’ve been a natural witch always, with a strong relationship with nature, emotional, sexual and creative energy. I would intuitively collect relics or enact impromptu rituals. I can often tell what people are feeling, and I can intuit some of their deepest wounds. Dreams have always been a big part of the way I connect to the beyond, as well as synchronicity. I’ve deepened my connection to the divine through spiritual practise in many ways as well.

Tonight is Samhain, or Halloween. We can dress up and remind ourselves that this incarnation is but one of many and that we can be whoever we want to be. The Self that exists behind the costume of our personality is so much more.

I was feeling a bit emotional as I lit candles for my beloved dead, my grandparents, my husband, my pets. I put relics of them, roses from their funerals, a pulled tooth, a piece of tail (long story) on my altar.

The dead are not seen by most, but they can be communicated with, if you wish. Especially at times like tonight. You can always, like today, keep a candle burning in a special place for them to signify the light that always burns for them in your heart.