11 Tips for Divination

Perhaps you’re interested in learning how to divine for yourself, or you have been divining for a while, as I have, but did not put best practises in place. No matter what form of divination you use, there are a few ways I’ve learned over the years that you can get the most accurate answers. It is too easy when you are in a state of distress and anxiety to project what you wish to hear, or over-divine, looking for the answer that will make sense to you. In so doing, often the replies get more and more muddled and inconsistent.

  1. Cleansing. Be sure to energetically cleanse yourself, and your tools. You can watch my Youtube videos on energy clearing basics for how to keep your chakras and energy field clear. To clear your tools there are a few methods. Many are aware of how to cleanse crystals on a full moon night, and that is certainly valid, but you don’t have to wait until the full moon to cleanse your divination tools. Also you may not want to leave a deck of cards out in the weather! You can also cleanse your tools in a bowl of sea salt, or just with your mind and energy. Follow my instructions for energy clearing and simply apply it to your tools. You will connect them to the light and bathe them in light charging and renewing them. If you divine a lot, I recommend this once a week, particularly if you have a tendency to over-divine, the energy of desperation can contaminate and confuse your tools.
  2. Detachment. Try to maintain as open and blank state as possible when you ask your question. Of course when reading for yourself you will be invested in the answer, but for that moment at least when you are shuffling your cards or holding your pendulum, clear your mind as much as possible or just focus on the question without attachment to the result. Our minds are powerful and they can impact the answer.
  3. Intuition. If you are reading Tarot or throwing the I Ching, use your intuition for when and where to cut the deck. At that moment I ask my guides or my Higher Self to help me choose the right spot to cut. Keeping a state of detachment and openness helps.
  4. Consult your Guides. If you already are in touch with your spirit guides, great, they can help you with your divination. Try to respect them and only ask questions when you really need to, when you’re serious and going to take the answer to heart. Don’t ask the same question over and over again.
  5. Get Confirmation. While you shouldn’t ask the same question a ton of different way or every day for a month, it is very wise to get confirmation especially for difficult issues. Ask your pendulum if you have a yes/no question. Then ask the Tarot. Ask to be shown a sign or shown in a dream if what you are asking is true. Look out for synchronicities.
  6. Branch Out. If you’re well acquainted with divining with the Tarot, try another deck. Or get a pendulum with a crystal that resonates with you. I recommend copper or silver, any pure metal that will conduct energy well. You can also use a necklace if you like and don’t want to buy more things. Learn how to read tea leaves, coffee grounds, or the clouds in the sky. All of nature communicates with us if we would only listen. I found learning the I Ching very beneficial because I use sticks, and it is very time consuming. So when I throw the I Ching, I have a very serious, sincere question that I always get a very serious, sincere answer to. Yes/no questions can be difficult to asses with Tarot. Use a pendulum to get a yes/no and then from there refine your question with Tarot.
  7. Journal. Take the time to write down your question and the answers you get. If you’re still learning Tarot, this will help you to remember the meanings of the cards,
  8. Read Inversions. This is a tip for those reading Tarot. If you’ve noticed, the Rider Waite deck has quite a few lovely, positive (and romantic) cards. I noticed a lack of accuracy when I was reading particularly about love interests. I thought maybe I was projecting, but when I started reading inversions I understood the nuance. Inversions allow you to see when an energy is repressed or held within and not expressed. They allow you to see the other side of the coin, it is still that thing extant, but inverted, or reversed.
  9. Gratitude. If you work with your guides (or Source or Spirit), be sure to treat them with respect and ask nicely for their assistance and guidance, and to thank them for their help. The energy of gratitude is tremendous and really, they are doing a lot for you. They warrant your gratitude. Remember that your guides aren’t puppets doing your bidding, they are real entities who are expending energy to assist you, treat them as you would a beloved and respected elder.
  10. Don’t Do Frivolous Readings. Early on when I was learning Tarot, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should and I read for my friends, “does this boy like me?” over and over and over again. It very quickly muddied up the readings and made the answers incomprehensible. You can feel when your deck is out of tune. For anyone keen on divination it can be tempting to over-divine. Don’t worry too much if you do, but try to stay mindful and clear your deck before you use it next time.
  11. Be Precise. One of the most crucial things for divining, whether you are reading for yourself or working with a reader is to have a precise question. Having a great sense of clarity about what you want to know makes all the difference in receiving a clear, accurate answer. If you want to have an intuitive reading where the cards tell you what you need to know, that’s great, but if you have a specific need, refine your question.