New Moon in Capricorn

Today is the New Moon in Capricorn, meaning the Sun and Moon are in close alignment, or conjunct in this earth sign. Capricorn season in the northern hemisphere stretches from the winter solstice until the chilly depths of January, when we truly feel the deepening of the blanket of snow, and when Saturn’s rulership of this sign can turn many of us melancholy from lack of sunlight and the thought of the long winter ahead. This New Moon is in close proximity to Pluto, forming a conjunction that reminds us of the lessons of this cold, distant, dwarf planet. Pluto, as the Roman god of the underworld, rules crisis, transformation, and death, so the energy of this lunation can feel somewhat fraught and intense. New Moons are a time to commence projects and set intentions for manifestation.  What you initiate under this moon would be blessed by the ability of Pluto to help you tear down what is outworn to build anew. The strong emphasis on earth and air energies right now are conducive to brainstorming, and then taking action. The Moon receives a supportive Sextile from Neptune in Pisces which will get your creative juices flowing.

The 9 of Cups is a card of self-confidence and emotional satisfaction. It reminds us of the deep pride in ourselves that we take when we take steps towards furthering our goals and dreams.