Relationship: 1 Hour Live Astrology Reading + Written Report



For those who want to understand their relationship and have the most accurate reading possible for two people.  Learn about how your energies, emotions, and personalities relate to the other person, as well as about you as individuals, which is key for fully understanding how well you will get along.

I will look at each of your natal charts in detail, and how they interact with each other in what is known as a synastry chart. I will also look at your composite chart, or the chart of your relationship itself. If you wish, you will receive a one hour consultation, along with your full original written report, which typically runs to several thousand words. It is an excellent tool to refer to later when you need to understand what is going on in your relationship and how you can work better together.

This reading is suitable for any kind of relationship from romantic, to familial, friends, etc.


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